With a deep love of the child spirit and the great outdoors, The Wild Child is Heather's way of inspiring others to explore and connect with the wild places around them. Using Holgas and other toy cameras, children learn the fundamentals of composition, light, and subject all while exploring the natural world. Heather's teaching style is relaxed, playful, and fun. She believes the process of photography is as important (sometimes more important) than the photograph itself. 


I create portraits of these children but more importantly each child will be photographing their Wilderness with a Holga or other film camera. Their photographs will show us how they see the wild around them, what is important to them, what they feel in their heart.  This can give each child the opportunity to see things in a way they may have not before, a different perspective.  It can show others the glorious wonderlands which guide children in being adventurous explorers.  The children will be asked to either write, tell, or sketch some of their discoveries made while photographing and this will be shared alongside their prints in a printed journal of their own. 

If you would like to be involved in this project or would like more information please email, phone, or contact Heather with the CONNECT form here http://heathermbowes.com/new-page/