Trio of Solid Perfumes

Trio of Solid Perfumes


A scent a month delivered to you. Solid perfumes residing in a base of organic jojoba oil, safflower oil and local beeswax. These solid-state aromatics are made entirely from precious natural botanical oils, resins, concretes, and absolutes. No synthetics are ever used. Because every perfume blooms and evolves differently on every person these pocket sized samples are perfect way to experience them and explore true botanical scents. The base of the nourishing oils and beeswax evolves upon contact and warmth of the skin.
Beautifully constructed and elegant, these botanical perfumes are so much more than a scent. They connect you with nature and enhance your well being.
The plant and wood essences are first blended and allowed to mingle and marry in a base of organic oils before being combined with natural beeswax and made a creamy soft solid you can carry with you and apply as desired.

The soul of the first months perfume is the wild harvested heartwood of Palo Santo. We calmed the bright freshness of Palo Santo with the addition of a heart opening rose and comforting dark patchouli. A touch of Mandarin and tobacco round out the mint undertones which sneaks its way into the breath.
Palo Santo wood is considered sacred due to it’s ability to clear negativity and misfortune. It is also wonderful in its ability to enhance meditative state, calm the nerves and uplift the spirit.

All solid perfumes are poured to order.

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