Blonde Redhead.

I was going to post some photographs of a more well known band such as Dave Matthews or REM but decided this Friday needed a little something more.
A little frustrated as I remember first hearing about Blonde Redhead by noticing someone wearing a t-shirt of theirs. But I can't remember which band I was photographing and who was wearing this shirt. It may have been Brendon Benson (who, by the way enjoyed a chardonnay and grilled salmon for lunch that day- I for some reason expected different).
Eventually BR showed up in Salt Lake City and thanks to Dave McKay I had tix and a photo pass. They are fantastic and put on an incredible show. Really fun to shoot.
Have a look and then a listen.
They got their name from a DNA song, the band is made up of two Italian born brothers Amedeo and Simone Pace. They were living in NYC when they met art student Kazu Makino in a little Italian restaurant. So was born, Blonde Redhead.


Enjoy your weekend.

Staying fast and head strong through the finish.

Johnny Marr.