More Spoon, which makes me want honey.

"I am in the mood for a spoonful of honey" is something I hear in this house a lot. Now, since I am pulling out these photographs we seem to be listening to Spoon (the band) on repeat and eating the remainder of our honey stash. It's perfectly fine with me.

We especially love this song,  it always gets us dancing, humming, tapping, even as I pour my first cup of coffee. And yes, I suppose my kids do dance around the house with spoonfuls of honey in their mouths.

Since digging up some of their newer work, I can't get enough of this one. That voice.
INSIDE OUT - here is a clip from a live Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon.


Man, Brit just has this incredible unique voice. Have been pining for a record player and I am convinced that his voice will sound incredible on vinyl. That not quite raspy but raw voice which seems to run deep but not ever forced. Did you know he didn't even pick up a guitar until late high school? Take note though, his dad was a guitar collector and big fan of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. So folks, don't stuff that music instruction down your little ones throats, expose them. Have fun, love music, turn the radio up.

In the meantime, I am getting a turn table and checking to see if Brit and his mates have anything recorded on vinyl. I will also dig up some color work and some of the film I shot backstage. There is some work from that intimate performance with WRNR too, somewhere around here.... Don't You Evah.

Oh, and I dare you to spend a day walking around with this playing in your head all day.

A few more available as prints. Haven't cropped these yet and would bump the contrast a tad in printing. I always love prints more than pixels.

John Butler Trio