New Year, New You. Are you ready?

Are you ready to make some changes in your life?
It is that time again when we think about a brand new year right in front of us filled with potential. Do you worry about not having the strength or support to make changes, or have your old ways resurface within weeks?
Maybe all you need is a bit of guidance, a little support, some knowledge. My biggest advice for people is to focus on making habits, good ones. Resolutions are always paved with good intentions but that doesn't get the job done. Change takes work, and the right sort of work.
I am offering 4 weeks to a number of new clients to help them gear up to have an unbelievable 2015.
Sign up during the first week of January and for just $2.00 a day or $56.00 you will have:
4 weeks of personal coaching including:

  •  a weekly skype or phone coaching session (in person if local)
  • menu plans and recipes fit to your own tastes and lifestyle
  • daily motivational and informative txt and emails to keep you pushing through your resistance
  • daily communication for when you need a hand staying on track
  • personalized fitness routine fit for you

This intensive 4 week remote coaching session is limited to a small number of clients. If you are tired of just dreaming and ready to start doing let's work together in 2015!
Please contact me using the CONNECT page or by calling. I look forward to meeting you! 

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