Our Mission:
To create the finest quality plant based body and bath products in a minimalist style while inspiring others to connect with nature and find luxury in it’s simplicity. We keep our respect for the environment the highest priority as we inspire others to naturally nourish and nurture their skin and soul.

"Beauty isn't something to be plastered on from the outside; it's fake unless it also exudes from the within."  Chizu Saeki

this is what your skin craves

The Botanical Balm is not only about healing, nourishing, and cleansing your skin, it is created to inspire wellness for your whole being. A versatile formula, crafted to enhance your skin's natural regenerative capabilities to heal and balance itself. Often we over fatigue our skin and senses in the quest to regain the vibrant glow we love. The Botanical Balm is exactly what you need in keeping your skin care rituals simple and pure.
Ruby Coal's Botanical Balm as a cleanser sinks luxuriously into skin to remove dirt and makeup, leaving it incredibly moisturized, soft, and glowing.
As a moisturizer it can be applied to and left on for your skin to drink it in. Rub a small amount between your fingers to soften it and apply as needed. The ingredients are carefully chosen to be non-comedogenic, it will not clog pores like some popular oils. Use it on any dry skin, not just your face. Elbows, knees, heels, cuticles... it also works wonders on your lips leaving a beautiful {edible} shine. Dry, flyaway hair also shows immediate benefit from just a touch of the botanical balm rubbed in your hands and run through your locks.
Lastly, if you truly want a luxurious self care ritual, just a few minutes nightly gift yourself a face massage. Take a moment to watch and follow along the video below on how to do a self anti aging face lifting massage by Abigal Gains. So easy to follow and well worth the time. A warmed damp soft cloth to wipe your balm from your face is a simple gentle exfoliate while removing all the impurities released from your skin. Follow with a light reapplication to your face for additional benefits.
Most important, taking the time to cleanse and massage your face daily is soulful care and will enhance vitality on every level—body, mind and spirit.

as a cleanser

This luxurious, small-batch, fully artisanal botanical balm is all about treating your skin and mind to a beautiful daily cleansing ritual. It feels incredible and is nourishing, no matter what your complexion. Intensely moisturizing, it melts into skin on contact and calms, hydrates, and softens leaving your skin silky smooth.  
How to use:
-Massaging a dime sized (add more if needed) amount into entire face giving special attention to areas with clogged pores. If the balm is firm just warm it by rubbing between your fingers or in your palms. The nourishing fatty acids in the warmed balm combines with your skins sebum, pulling out toxins and helping clear clogged pores.
Also removes all traces of make up, no need for skin drying harsh cleansers to remove make up at the end of the day.
-After massaging into face and neck (try the massage shown above), wet a soft cloth with warm or even hot water . Squeeze out excess water and wipe skin clear in gentle upward motions. Water is not necessary but helpful if you are removing makeup or sunscreen, or balancing out oily complexion and acne.

the many uses

This is a serious healing, hydrating, luxuriously natural skin loving botanical balm. What is so fantastic about this balm is that it can be so much to so many different people: cleanser, lip balm, cuticle treatment, dry-skin remedy, hair or beard texturizer, face mask, daily moisturizer (hands, elbows feet), after-sun or windburn treatment, brow tamer, flyaway smoother, add a bit of shine to the ends of your hair…you can mix a bit of balm with just about any powder eyeshadow, blush, or bronzer to make a skin-luminizing cream. 

The goal in creating this balm was to create a powerful formula packed with nutrient dense botanicals aimed at combating everything from from fine lines and wrinkles to acne, lack of elasticity, and dullness. The scent is light and natural, suitable for men and women without being overpowering. Using botanicals rather than synthetic fragrances we find that the scent lingers and smells unique on each wearer, it blends harmoniously with you.

We wanted to eliminate the need for multiple steps in your self care skin care while doing as little damage to our environment as possible. One glass amber jar takes the place of multiple plastic bottles and applicators. When your botanical balm is used up please use your glass jar again and again. We love to hear how you use it- spices, sauces, trinkets, vitamins, travel sized containers... the uses are endless!

the magic in the balm

Expeller pressed unrefined organic Carthamus tinctorius (Safflower oil), expeller pressed organic Mangifera indica (Mango seed butter), pure filtered beeswax, cold pressed organic Rosa spp (rosehip seed oil), cold pressed unrefined organic Punica granatum (pomegranate seed oil), Rosmarinus officinalis antioxidant extract (CO2 extracted organic rosemary infused in organic olive oil), vacuum distilled unrefined certified non-GMO Vitamin E oil, calendula flower.
Our ingredients are certified organic, wild harvested, or cultivated without chemicals
or synthetic inputs.
Free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, PEGs, and SLSs

These Statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.